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  • 8/60 Lillee Crescent, Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia

Terms and Conditions

1.        This Special Offer (Offer) of a free Building Permit (Permit) or a discount of $1,199 (Discount) is being made by Edgecorp Constructions Pty Ltd (Edgecorp).

2.        The offer is only open to franchisees with a registered Tatts Identification number (Tatts Customer) and only applies to projects:

a)        with a value of more than $25,000; and

b)       that include Tatts components and joinery; and

c)        that are based in Victoria; and

d)       where Edgecorp is engaged for design services. 

3.        The Discount will only apply where a Permit is not required for the project, otherwise the costs of the Permit to the value of $1,199 will be applied to the quote.

4.        The Offer can only be used once per Tatts Customer and only applies to the Tatts Customer receiving an Edgecorp quote.

5.        To be eligible to receive the Offer, a customer must first receive a quote from Edgecorp and validly sign a contract:

a)     within 14 days of the quotation date; and

b)     on or before June 30 with the first progress claim and commencement on site within 14 days after the contract has been signed.   

6.        The following conditions apply to how the Offer can be used:

a)      the Permit must be issued by an Edgecorp certified Building Surveyor and the cost must not exceed $1,199. Where costs exceed $1,199, the Tatts Customer is responsible to pay the difference between the actual cost and the first $1,199 and this cost will be added to the final payment claim.

b)     the Discount or cost of Permit will be applied to the initial quoted amount and no further discounts will be made for any additional work or variations made after the contract is signed.

7.        Where a Tatts Customer is in default of their contract prior to the final payment claim being made, the Offer will be invalid and an additional $1,199 will be applied to the amount of the final payment claim and will be added to any outstanding amount for the purposes of calculating interest payments under the contract .

8.        The Offer is not be used in conjunction with any other offer.